Chads Challenge - WA to Cobar NSW, all off road, in my buggy!

In 2007 my life was the same as any other 16 year old, attending school and playing sport, I was a keen water skier, a competitive motocross rider, competing at state and national level and generally was involved in all sports.

On the 29/04/2007 I was competing in the NSW state Titles in Wagga Wagga, which I was coming 2nd, the event was called off due to weather, my parents and I went to a friend's property in Bringelly on the way home and I decided to have a ride on my bike while we were there. From then my life has changed, I had an accident and suffered a dislocated neck leaving me a C5/C6 incomplete quadriplegic.

I was sent to hospital to be operated on, where I spent 6 weeks and then to Royal Rehabilitation Centre for a further 10 months of rehabilitation. Whilst in rehab I was contacted by the Starlight Foundation offered to grant me a wish, which at the time was definitely something to brighten my day. I wished to meet Casey Stoner at Phillip Island Moto GP, My wish was granted, and in October 2007 I had the best weekend ever. Starlight provided air fare, accommodation, hire van to get me around and got to spend plenty of time with the Ducati racing team and best of all spend time Casey Stoner.

Since that time I have put a positive attitude on everything I do.

Once I returned home from rehab I returned to school and finished my education, completed a traineeship in business management, got my driver's licence, which has enabled me to get around and have been working for the last three years, 3 to 4 days a week as a spare parts interpreter at Western Motorcycles in Penrith.

My sporting enthusiasm is still as strong as ever and my father has modified various things for me, including, modifying a car for me to drive, made a water ski, converted a single rowing scull, modified gloves so I can pick things up and so I can do training, modified rifles so I can target shoot and hunt and modified off road buggy for me to enjoy and maybe race.

I attend the Royal Rehabilitation Centre when asked to give motivational talks at the centre whenever a young client is there. They get me to bring video of all my activities and my car, so we can show them that anything is possible and that just because you're in a wheelchair the world doesn't end.

I am forever setting new goals for myself to achieve and ever since getting my buggy my goal was to cross Australia. As you can imagine I was only 16 at the time of the accident and I haven't seen too much of Australia and what better way to see it.

Roll 101

My goal is to raise money for ROLL101, a charity I have set up to provide practical and emotional support to young people seriously affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries. Click here to read more.

Click here to read the Roll 101 December 2015 Newsletter.

Roll 101 - Never Give Up!

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Chad in his buggy Chad water skiing Chad water skiing - action shot

Chads Challenge

  • To challenge myself
  • Raise awareness
  • Raise money

The Plan

To set off from Kalgoorlie WA to Cobar NSW in my buggy.

Latest news

Chad on channel 10's RPM

Posted: 11th May 2015

Chads Challenge and ROLL101 is holding a fundraising night at the Penrith Paceway on the 23rd May, 2015

Posted: 6th April 2015
We are proud to announce that Jamie Soward is an ambassador for Chads Challenge and ROLL101

We are proud to announce that Jamie Soward is an ambassador for Chads Challenge and ROLL101

Posted: 3rd February 2015

Chads first test drive of the new buggy

Posted: 23rd December 2014

Chads Challenge - Supporting Roll 101

Posted: 5th December 2014

Chad with Redarc Reps

Posted: 25th November 2014

Steve Richards - Ambassador

Posted: 20th November 2014

Steve Richards - Ambassador for Chads Challenge and Roll 101

Get your Chads Challenge Bands

Posted: 14th October 2014

Hitting the Gym

Posted: 25 June 2014

Trying my but off for this trip I hope it all helps. #nevergiveup

Another video from the weekend

Posted: 23 June 2014 | Getting my buggy on

Another video from the weekend such a good weekend

Don't need legs to live fast

Posted: 23 June 2014

Don't need legs to live fast

Vehicle Components

Posted: 6th August 2014

Chad at Vehicle Components in Brisbane.
Thank you to Vehicle Components for their support!

Eastern Creek

Posted: 7th August 2014

Chad at a track day at Eastern Creek with Steve Richards and the Laser Electrical and Plumbing race car for a couple of hot laps.

What's it all about?

To achieve my own goals, of driving from Kalgoorlie WA to Cobar NSW all off road, in my buggy, to camp on the side of the road and to do things that make people realise that being in a wheelchair doesn't stop you from living a normal life.

Raise Awareness

Raise Money

Achieve my own Goals

Challenge Myself

21st August 2015 - 9th September 2015


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